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Prartho’s Story

My Life’s Work... & Joy!


For over 30 years I have offered poetry and creativity workshops in a variety of venues, most recently at the College of Marin and as a Marin County Poet in the Schools, for which I was awarded a 2005 Radio Disney Super Teacher Award.


As Poet Laureate of Marin County (2015-17), I produced over 50 performances & projects which mingled art forms: poetry & dance, painting, music, film... even magic!


My teaching and writing are infused with the meditation I practiced over 4 years in India, though I also credit excursions into other art forms: counseling psychologist, vegetarian cook, mother of 2, meditation instructor at Cornell University, book and cover illustrator, and amateur singer-songwriter. (also, an MFA from Syracuse University, 2013)


My life has been a quest for the lost continent of awe. With pen and brush as my oars, writing and painting take me there…


I hope my poems and illustrations might take you there too.

                   ~ Prartho

Autumn Accounts


They say it’s never too late, what with
George HW's skydive for his 90th
and the hundred-year-old waterskier
who waved from my fridge 
till his photo yellowed and frayed.


But it probably is too late to become
a rocket scientist or oral surgeon, too late
to free climb Half Dome or perform as
the principal in Swan Lake.
And it’s surely too late to die young.


Still, there may be time
to enter the longing and give ourselves
to what we become
when we turn in its light:


Pitcher of twilight,

angel of glass,
a grasshopper the size

of a young boy’s heart.


A labyrinth of stones, like the one
we discovered in the hills—
that slow-walk to nowhere,


the very same nowhere
we were getting to
so fast.

      ~ Prartho Sereno, from
                    Starfall in the Temple

prartho’s award-winning poetry books

Indian Rope Trick

2018 Blue Light Book Award

Causing a Stir:

The Secret Lives & Loves of Kitchen Utensils

2008 IPPY 

Prartho’s NEWEST: 

Starfall in the Temple

September 23

Call from Paris

2007 Word Works Washington Prize

Elephant Raga

2015 Blue Lynx Prize

Praise for Prartho’s Poems

In Prartho Sereno’s poems the daily doesn’t collide against the cosmic, but collaborates with it... with the eyes of a mystic seeker whose heart is wise enough not to take itself too seriously...  

Dan Beachy-Quick, poet and translator of The Thinking Root

Join Prartho Online!

The Poetic Pilgrimage:

Poem Making as Spiritual Practice 


A 7-week, on-line generative series
(You'll write new poems each session!)

Spring 2024 Now Open for registration

Theme:  Dancing through Time & Space

7 Thursdays

March 21 - May 9
Skip Date: April 4

2 to 4:30 p.m. PST/ 5 - 7:30 Eastern


For more info and to register click here

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Contact me here to request talks, reading/performances, 

workshops or classes on the Creative Process

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