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Spring 2024 THEME: Dancing through Time & Space 


Included with your order is a handout from the Winter 23 series The Poetry Dance: Leaps, Turns, & Glides. On week number 3, we took our inspiration cheifly from Mary Oliver's work with The Braided Poem. The pages include poems for inspiration along with a short worksheet to help prompt a poem,


For each of the sessions in Spring 2024, you will receive a similar pdf of the weekly handout (poems & prompts) along with the Zoom Link for the course, via email. 


Dates/ Times: 7 Thursdays, March 21 -- May 9; 2 to 4:30 p.m. Pacfic Time; 5 to 7:30 Eastern 

Skip date: April 4


In the 15 years I’ve taught poetry to adults, I’ve never repeated—and don’t plan to repeat—a themed series or a single class. This means that my job is to stay close to my own bones (eyes, ears, heart, & soul) and feel my way into what is true & meaningful as we move along together. Add to this the brilliant and supportive community that continues to be drawn to our process, allowing all of us to teach one another. Because of these two elements, I feel our Pilgrimage is truly a unique offering.


Course Description: As we rush through our days, the urge to center ourselves in something deep and sustaining intensifies. Writing poetry not only serves this urge but shares many similarities to traditional spiritual paths: focus on presence, deep listening, sincere truth-telling, and the surrender to something beyond ourselves.


Theme: Dancing through Time & Space


Sub-themes include:


Discovering Your Unique Poetic Lineage

The Geometry of Verbs

Eavesdropping on the World

Invocations/ Evocations/ (Provocations?)

And... The Good Old Truth-Seeking Lie


We will open these strange-sounding envelopes and release the inspiration tucked inside each one! 


As always, we will welcome the unexpected into our work, and we’ll read and write to our hearts’ content. All experience-levels and styles welcome!

The Poetic Pilgrimage: Poem-Making as Spiritual Practice

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